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Our cases are regularly covered in the media. When seeking expertise from a New York employment attorney, journalists also call on Kevin Mintzer to comment on matters involving employment law, discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, and sexual assault, among other topics. Our recent media appearances include the following:

Food preparers at Danny Meyer eatery fired after they got pregnant: suit

October 26, 2015

Represented two former food preparers at a well known Manhattan restaurant who claimed that they were fired because of their pregnancies and pregnancy-related medical conditions.

New York Post

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New York City Settles Sexual Harassment Suit by 3 Female Police Officers for $1.25 Million

September 16, 2015

Daily News, November 6, 2014, Bronx NYPD Cop Accused of Harassment — Including Groping Women and Exposing Himself — By 3 Female Officers in Lawsuit

Kevin Mintzer, along with co-counsel, represented three women New York City police officers who alleged that they were subject to egregious sexual harassment by a their supervisor, a Lieutenant with the NYPD. The action was filed in federal court in Manhattan and settled for a total of $1,250,000.

New York Times | Daily News

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New York State and Former Assemblyman settle with victims for $580,000

February 5, 2015

New York Times, August 4, 2012, Lawmaker Is Censured Over Sexual Harassment

CBS New York, June 6, 2013, Vito Lopez Sexual Harassment Accusers File Suit Against Him, Assembly Speaker Silver

Reuters, June 10, 2014, Top N.Y. Lawmaker Must Face Harassment Suit Against Ex-Assemblyman

The New York Times, CBS, Reuters and numerous other media extensively reported on the claims made by two women who alleged they were sexually harassed by former New York State Assemblymember Vito Lopez. Kevin Mintzer represented the two plaintiffs in their lawsuits against Lopez, the New York State Assembly, and the former Speaker of the Assembly, Sheldon Silver. The cases settled for a combined total of $580,00.

New York Times | CBS New York | Reuters | New York Daily News

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Chinese rights activist sued for bias

July 1, 2012

The Boston Globe has reported on a lawsuit filed by a Chinese-American human rights activist who has has sued her former employer for discriminating against her on the basis of her religious beliefs. Kevin Mintzer and co-counsel represent the plaintiff in an action that is pending in federal court in Brooklyn.

Boston Globe – July 1, 2012 | Boston Globe – April 29, 2015

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Big Law Firm Sued on Sex Bias

October 6, 2011

The Wall Street Journal recently quoted Kevin Mintzer as an employment law expert regarding an age discrimination case filed against a large New York City law firm. Click here to read more.

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What Can Fired Employee Do About Lying Owners

By Lynn Brenner,   August 10, 2008

Newsday’s personal finance columnist quotes Kevin Mintzer’s advice for employees who have recently been fired. Mr. Mintzer gives suggestions for what to do when an employer is not being truthful with the Department of Labor. Click here to read more.

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You’re Outta Here!

June 18, 2008

The New York Daily News quotes Kevin Mintzer regarding the inappropriate ways that some employers dismiss their employees.  Mr. Mintzer explains that while a firing can be morally wrong or unfair, it does not necessarily support a legal claim by the dismissed employee. Click here to read more.

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Stand & Deliver Stern

By Mike Lupica,   October 14, 2007

Renowned Daily News columnist Mike Lupica calls on NBA Commission David Stern to take action against Isiah Thomas and James Dolan following the jury’s verdict in favor of Anucha Browne Sanders, the former Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Operations for the New York Knicks. Mr. Lupica quotes Kevin Mintzer regarding the critical importance of enforcing the anti-retaliation laws, which protect employees who have complained of discrimination or sexual harassment. Click here to read more.

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WNBC-TV interview with Tim Minton and Anucha Browne Sanders

October 4, 2007

Anucha Browne Sanders and Kevin Mintzer participated in a lengthy television interview regarding Ms. Browne Sanders’ victory in Anucha Browne Sanders v. Madison Square Garden (MSG), Isiah Thomas and James Dolan, the landmark sexual harassment and retaliation case.

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Appearance on NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer and Anucha Browne Sanders

October 3, 2007

Watch Anucha Browne Sanders’s and Kevin Mintzer’s national television appearance the morning after a jury awarded Ms. Browne Sanders $11.6 million in damages in her sexual harassment case involving the New York Knicks.

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